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Our Stall Holder Tips

Posted on 28 September, 2017 at 5:50 Comments comments (3)

So, you have booked a stall at the market. This may be your first market, so you might be a little unsure what to do next. We have put together a little guide to get you market ready and maximise your stalls potential.

1. Before Market Day

After you have booked your stall, you should start letting people know.! This can be done by inviting guests to our Facebook events and sharing our social media posts relating the event etc. Or simply by word of mouth amongst family and friends. This will let potential customers know about the event, and even get an idea of some of the items you will have available for sale. The more shoppers that attend on the day, the better chance you have of selling more..!!!

We also find that promoting the event with some sneak peeks (nicely presented images of items that will be up for sale on market day) really help to generate some excitement and brings shoppers. So we would like to encourage our stall holders to take some pics of key items that you will be selling, and email them to us at [email protected], or send through social media platforms. We share them with our followers in the lead up to each event.

2. Presentation

How you display your stall will play a huge part in how attractive it is to shoppers and has the potential to generate more sales. Please consider the following; ensure your racks/shelves are clean, if you are using a table - use a table cloth, iron your clothing to make it more appealing and try to avoid wire hangers (wooden and/or thick plastic hangers present far better). 

Place your most attractive/eye catching items towards the front of your racks, to invite people into your stall, and rotate these throughout the day. And try not to overcrowd your racks; if a customer cannot easily browse through, they are likely to not bother.    

A full length mirror, if you have access to one, will also is a huge benefit to shoppers.    Previous stall holders have brought along rugs, a coffee table, vintage chairs, and vintage suitcases to display shoes and jewellery, even fresh or artificial flowers. These allow you to show your personality and bring your stall to life.   

We also suggest setting stall up nice and open so people feel welcome to walk in and browse, closing off the space with table etc. can sometimes be off putting to potential buyers. Depending on the size of your stall – we recommend using an L shape set up or a U shape set up. 

Experience has shown us that sitting inside your stall may not be the best approach. If a customer sees a stall holder sitting down in their stall (possibly on their phone or looking a little bored) they are less likely to browse the stall and interact with you. Be close by to keep an eye on your stall and once a potential customer is showing interest in an item, then you can step in and engage with them. Be friendly and helpful, but not an overbearing salesperson.

3. Price Guide

We do suggest that you have all your items priced on market day, but also be prepared to negotiate. Although you may have paid a high price point when you purchased it, an item is worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

We ask that you be realistic when pricing your items, keeping in mind that our shoppers are generally hunting for great pieces at affordable prices.

You can purchase price tags from stationary shops such as Officeworks, where you can get a pack of 100 for around $5.

4. Shopping Bags

You may like to start to hold on to any shopping bags you accumulate between now and the event, that way you can offer your customers a bag for their garments at the time of purchase. You will find that some shoppers will come prepared with their own reusable bags, but it is nice to be able to offer a bag to those that may not be so prepared.   

If you are selling accessories, you may even consider bringing along tissue paper to wrap your items as you sell them to give that extra touch for your customer. 

5. Cash Float and/or PayPal

Our events are generally CASH ONLY - and due to the nature of such an event, there are no exchanges or refunds offered. Ensure you have change in small denominations ($1, $2, $5 & $10) in order for smooth transactions. Please keep your cash in a safe place; we suggest an over the shoulder sling bag on your body. 

You may like to consider PayPal, especially if you have some higher priced items. If you have a PayPal account, you can download the app on to your phone, and customers can send you money on the spot.  

We hope you find these tips and tricks helpful as you prepare for market day. We like to create a fun and engaging environment at our events, and look forward to seeing you soon at a Fashion Market Space event.